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Nutrilon – The #1 Baby Formula Brand In Holland And Now In China

Nutrilon – The #1 Baby Formula Brand In Holland And Now In China

Nutrilon, the famous baby milk powder from the Netherlands
Nutrilon, the famous baby milk powder from the Netherlands
Getting the best milk formula for children is extremely important for Chinese parents concerned by scandals related to dairy products. Though these events are unfortunate, they are also the main driver behind the phenomenal popularity of top Dutch baby formula, Nutrilon.

Today, place of origin is an important factor for Chinese parents trying to choose the best infant formula milk. Chinese consumers consider baby milk powder from the Netherlands to be the best and safest, making Nutrilon a highly reputed infant formula brand in China. The company’s many years of scientific research lends the brand credibility and has made the Chinese consumer readily adopt Nutrilon baby powder, known for its exceptional quality.

Now, what is the secret behind the Nutrilon brand? How did this traditional Dutch brand grow into a brand with global recognition?

Nutricia - The Inventor Of Nutrilon

At the end of the 19th century, the mortality rate of children in their first year in the Netherlands was over 20%. In most cases, the cause of death was a nutritional disorder that occurs mainly in infants who are fed cows’ milk instead of breast milk. It was not until after 1845 that there was an improvement in baby feeding methods, and this was brought about mainly because of new insights into bacteriology in the field of medical science. In 1894, a German professor, Alexander Backhaus, succeeded in developing food suitable for infants. In 1896, Martinus van der Hagen, founder of the steam dairy factory in Zegwaard, gained the exclusive rights to produce food for babies from cows’ milk using the Backhaus method. This was the beginning of Nutricia N.V., officially established in 1901. The name was derived from the Latin word 'nutrire' meaning ‘feeding’. 

Nutricia has, from the beginning, maintained very close connections with the medical profession. During the First World War, the first diet products were jointly developed, and included low sugar milk for diabetics, and iodinated milk for goitre patients. After the Second World War,Nutricia increasingly developed its role as a producer of knowledge-intensive foods, with its own Research & Development department and tasting factory. Products were initially sold in special Nutricia shops, but were later distributed via supermarkets, drugstores, and pharmacies. For decades, Nutricia has been developing a full range of baby formula and child food, under different brand names like Olvarit, Bambix, and of course, Nutrilon.

Looking at the history of the company makes it apparent that a strong emphasis on scientific research for over 100 years has led the company to grow in a huge way. 

The Nutrilon Success Story

Danone's 4 Key Baby Nutrition Brands
Danone's 4 Key Baby Nutrition Brands
Nutrilon baby milk powder is a huge success, and a key factor to this growth is the fact that the product contains Pronutra, a unique blend of ingredients, together with vitamins A, C and D for normal bone development, and iron for normal cognitive development.

By 2007,Nutricia milk powder exported its Nutrilon product range to over 30 countries. The once small dairy factory became a global success. In 2007,Danone acquired Nutricia in a multi-billion dollar agreement. Now in 2014, Danone uses the same baby formula, containing the original ingredients, for its four key brands: Aptamil, Bebilon, Almiron, and of course, Nutrilon.

Nowadays, the actual production takes place in different plants in different countries, while the main Research & Development centre is still located in Holland. Nutrilon branded milk powder is also still produced in the Netherlands. 

Chinese Consumers Who Want Nutrilon, The Original Dutch Baby Formula

Danone is today the owner of many famous infant formula brands, including Cow & Gate, Karicare, Dumex, and also Aptamil, Bebilon, Almiron and Nutrilon. However, in recent years, it is Nutrilon milk powder from the Netherlands that is most in demand in China.

We at Holland Boutique believe this phenomenon reflects the value Chinese consumers attach to Nutrilon's heritage. The expertise attached to the name, and also the fact that this product is the only one that comes with the guarantee of having been produced in the original Zoetermeer factory in the "Green Heart" of Holland using fresh Dutch milk only, strikes a chord among Chinese customers.